SB 1464: Protect bicyclists by requiring 3 feet for passing

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Subject: SB 1464: Protect bicyclists by requiring 3 feet for passing

Dear Sen. DeSaulnier,

I am writing to urge the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee to approve Senate Bill 1464 at its upcoming hearing.

Many Californians who want the health and financial benefits of bicycling to work or school will not ride their bikes on the road because they have known or heard about bicyclists injured or killed by a driver trying to pass them from behind, or they have witnessed or experienced a frightening near miss.

SB 1464 requires drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing from behind in most situations. This bill can save lives: passing-from-behind collisions kill more adult bicyclists in California than any other type of collision.

By giving drivers clearer guidance on how to pass bicyclists safely, SB 1464 will help make our streets and roads safer for bicycling and thus help more would-be bicyclists confidently choose to ride a bike as everyday transportation. Being able to make this choice matters greatly as so many Californians struggle with rising gas prices, the high cost of car ownership, and cuts to public transit service.

I urge the committee to approve SB 1464.


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