Support SB 1464 to protect bicyclists from passing motorists

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Subject: Support SB 1464 to protect bicyclists from passing motorists

Dear Assembly Member Lowenthal,

I'm writing to urge you and the committee to approve Senate Bill 1464 (Lowenthal) at the committee hearing on June 25.

SB 1464 requires drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when overtaking them in the same lane. Twenty-two other states and the District of Columbia have enacted similar safe passing laws as a way to protect bicyclists. Enacting SB 1464 can save lives in California; 40% of all bicyclists killed in vehicle collisions are hit from behind.

More importantly, by giving California drivers clearer guidance on how to pass bicyclists safely, SB 1464 will make our streets and roads safer and thus help more would-be bicyclists confidently choose to ride a bike as everyday transportation. Having safe alternatives to driving is especially important for the many Californians who are struggling with record-high gas prices and cuts to public transit service.

My safety and the safety of those I care about are at risk from unsafe passing. I urge you to vote yes on SB 1464.

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