City Hall: Ensure free transportation for all Philadelphia's school-age students

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Subject: City Hall: Ensure free transportation for all Philadelphia's school-age students

Every day, tens of thousands of Philadelphia students - public, private and parochial - ride yellow school buses or receive free transpasses to ensure that they get to school safely and without cost. Free transportation is a major factor in making sure every student from every background and every neighborhood can attend school.

In an effort to save $38.5 million, the School District of Philadelphia has announced it will eliminate free transportation for all public, private and parochial students beginning in September 2011. Here's what that costs hardworking families in a city where one out of every three children lives below the poverty level:

* One child going roundtrip without transfers = $558 per year.

* One child with a transfer = $918 per year.

* A family with three children and one transfer = over $2,700 a year!

* Families without cars and with children too young to ride the transit system alone would see their costs multiply even more.

New York City and Portland, OR provide their students with free transportation everyday. If we're committed to education, we must maintain a free and accessible transportation system for all school-aged children.

The City of Philadelphia has not significantly boosted its contribution to our schools since 2007. A property tax hike last year went straight to city coffers and gave no money to the schools. In addition, it effectively overturned a community-led struggle to increase the District's share of property tax revenue and instead reduced the District's share from 60% to 55% - a difference of almost $60 million according to the District's finance office.

There's no better time than now to show Philadelphia's families as well as Harrisburg that City Hall remains committed and invested in our schools. Promise us that you'll work to restore our children's yellow school buses and free transportation through City revenues.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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