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Subject: Support Youth & Voter Registration

I am writing to urge you to sign H-6215 into law and to not veto it again this year.

Beyond the basic reality that our young people are participating less and less in elections and our democratic government and that we need to be educating and encouraging them to get educated and to vote at every step of the way, there is also a bureacratic benefit to this bill as well: by giving young people the chance to register in advance, registration becomes a less frantic, year-round process with the chances for error significantly reduced.

Further, what the passage of this bill really signifies is an official welcome from Rhode Island to its newest voters into the democratic process. In signing it, you would be telling young people in his state that you encourage their participation, and that you take seriously the concerns they have and the challenges they face.

I urge you to please join your fellow Republican Gov. Charlie Crist in supporting this important proposal.

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