Stop Unjust Water/Sewer Improvement Liens on Properties in Ann Arbor Michigan

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Subject: Stop Unjust Water/Sewer Improvement Liens on Properties in Ann Arbor Michigan

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Currently, the City of Ann Arbor is imposing water/sewer improvement liens on properties within the city, due to developers or past owners failure to pay the hook-up charges. The City failed to report these fees and are now pursuing current owners of the properties.

In our case, we bought our home in July 2007. At that time, the property had been annexed into the city in 2002, and water/sewer hook up was granted. The developer of the property was awarded annexation, but failed to pay the fee. The city of Ann Arbor did not catch this error until August of 2007. They sent us a letter informing us that as the current property owners, we were responsible for the $4,860.00 that they failed to collect from the developer at the time the permit was issued. As the city of Ann Arbor missed this money in error, they failed to report this as a lien for the property. As a result, our title company assurred us that the title to the property of free of owed money. We thought we were buying a home that had a clear title.

This is obviously a mistake on the City of Ann Arbors part, and they are going after the wrong people in order to collect the money. Countless properties are effected by this error, and unjust collection of funds. Every two weeks the City Council approves the collection of these fees, despite the fact that they are collecting unfairly from the current property owners. No one, including the City Attorney is listening to fair resoning by the affected owners.

Perhaps, if all the property owners affected by this banded together, we could convince the city that they collect from those who failed to pay in the first place.

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