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Dear General Assembly Leader,

I am writing to thank you for your support in 2008 of the national popular vote to directly elect the president. Thanks to the General Assembly, in 2008 Rhode Island was able to take a crucial step towards reforming the archaic Electoral College system through our state's Constitutional right to appoint its electors. Now I hope you will move quickly for an affirmative floor vote on H 5569, sponsored by Rep. Lally, and S 161, sponsored by Sen. Connors.

As we saw in the 2008 general election campaign season, the Ocean State is completely locked out of the current presidential election system. The two major party campaigns spent $2,924,839 on ads in New Hampshire from September 24 to November 4, and not a dollar in Rhode Island. The major presidential and vice-presidential candidates visited New Hampshire for public events nine times between September 5 and November 4, and held no public events in Rhode Island. Under the current system, all that matters is whether a state is a "battleground." Rhode Island is not. Despite a 5.7% increase over 2004, Rhode Island ranked 32nd in voter turnout in 2008, behind 13 of 15 battleground states. One vote here isn't equal to one vote in New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, Governor Carcieri vetoed the national popular vote legislation. We hope the distressing facts from the 2008 campaign change his mind.

This year, I will stand with you in support of a national popular vote for president, along with 74% of Rhode Islanders. Please keep America moving towards its democratic ideal: one person, one vote.

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