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Dear General Assembly Leader,

For three years in a row now, the General Assembly has passed youth voter pre-registration (H 5005 / S 85) only to see it vetoed by the governor. This important reform would set a uniform advance registration age. Students in civics classes or signing up for a learner's permit at the DMV would know that once they are 16, they can pre-register to vote. They would then be automatically added to the rolls once they turn 18. Youth voter pre-registration is a common sense proposal that would improve in one quick stroke the quality of civics education.

Now that both the House and Senate have passed their respective versions of this bill, it is time for it to "cross over" from the House to Senate and vice versa.

We all saw the extraordinary power of the youth vote in the 2008 election. When young voters are registered, they vote at the same rate as the rest of the population. The problem is the "registration gap" between younger and older voters. This legislation would go a long way towards closing that gap.

I am greatly disappointed that the governor vetoed this legislation. Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis says the change to pre-registration could be accomplished swiftly, at little cost to the state, and at no risk of disrupting the integrity of the voter rolls.

Although I hope he does not, Governor Carcieri may very well veto this legislation once again. I hope you will take the lead in sending H 5005 (Rep. Pacheco) and S 85 (Sen. Perry) legislation to his desk. If he vetoes it, I hope you will take the lead in overriding his opposition.

Thank you for your continued support of youth participation in politics.

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