Direct Elections for Every US Senator from Rhode Island

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Subject: Direct Elections for Every US Senator from Rhode Island

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Dear Governor Carcieri and General Assembly Leadership,

I am writing to express my strong support for a pair of bills that would ensure every US Senator is directly elected. I firmly believe that direct elections are non-partisan, good government issue on which we can all agree. In recent months, we have seen just how flawed the current procedure used in most states to fill Senate vacancies is.

Even in states where governors have had the best of intentions -- unlike Rod Blagojevich -- the appointment process creates unnecessary intrigue over a process that should really be very simple. Every US Senator should be elected by the people of his or her state. Anything less risks shaking the confidence of citizens in their elected officials. It also potentially reduces the effectiveness of appointed Senators among their colleagues.

I strongly urge you to support H 5094 (sponsored by Rep. Christopher Fierro) and S 201 (Sen. Paul Jabour). These bills would do away with temporary gubernatorial appointments and allow for special elections like those already used in Oregon and Washington. Every US Senator, in every case, should be directly elected by the people.

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