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As a parent, I am extremely troubled, disappointed and argry at Merck's decision to discontinue production and sales of the monovalent measles (Attenuvax) and mumps (Mumpsvax) vaccines. It seems that the logic behind such a move is based on simple profitability concerns. Some professionals like Doug Campos-Outcalt, M.D., M.P.A., who serves as the AAFP's liaison to the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and is a former member of the AAFP Commission on Clinical Policies and Research, called MMR separation "hooey". It is anything but hooey and it is not about profit to be a concerned parent who BELIEVES in vaccination but at a slower pace.

I am asking Merck to revoke their decision right now, not 2011 when they will supposedly begin manufacturing the monovalents again. There has been no medical studies proving that separation causes more harm than the combined doses. There are however thousands of parents who claim harm from the combined dose.

Parents make choices to protect their children and having an "all or nothing" choice is none at all.

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