FIA's actions are an embarrassment to the community

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Subject: FIA's actions are an embarrassment to the community

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I'm deeply disappointed that the tri-state FIA chose to exclude gay and lesbian Indians from the 2009 India Day Parade in New York City.

2009 was a special year for all Indians, as it marked the beginning of the end of British-era restrictions on gay and lesbian Indians. We're proud to see India throw off antiquated colonial laws and enter the 21st century.

Why didn't the FIA directly contact Indian LGBTQ cultural groups, to help showcase India's diversity on this particularly historic year?

Why was the South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association's application to march in the India Day Parade ignored, and their followups not acknowledged? Why did you choose to remain silent when this was brought to your attention?

The tri-state FIA's actions are a public embarrassment to our community. I hope you'll get in touch with SALGA to ensure that any issues are resolved before next year's India Parade.

Thank you.

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