Call on California Secretary of State Bowen to Investigate and Enforce!

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Subject: Call on California Secretary of State Bowen to Investigate and Enforce!

Dear Secretary Bowen:

I know you are aware of the vulnerabilities of our vote-counting system and ran for Secretary of State because you wanted to give California voters a basis for confidence in the results of our elections.

It has come to my attention that a recent exit poll project found stunning disparities between the poll results and the official results for Proposition 8 in the 2008 election. This concerns me greatly.

Your Top to Bottom Review found serious problems with the electronic voting systems used throughout the state. Even with the reforms you mandated, however, electronic election equipment cannot be relied on to give us trustworthy election results.

It has become clear that counties are not dependably following the 'mitigation procedures' you imposed that were supposed to make up for the shortcomings of the technology. In short, we are still without an election system we can count on! This is completely unacceptable.

The possible incorrect results of the Proposition 8 election are a symptom of a much bigger problem, and the voters of California need you to get to the bottom of it.

I urge you to take this opportunity to investigate. If the chain of custody of the ballots and other election materials has been preserved, as is legally required, the evidence is there. This investigation must be conducted in an open and transparent manner.

I also urge you to set up stricter procedures including monitoring and severe consequences for any responsible party failing to follow the mitigations you established. You could call on volunteers to be the ‘watchdogs’ to see that your procedures are followed. Better yet, and fully supported by existing evidence: get rid of these machines and put meaningful public oversight back into the election process.

Nothing is more important to our democracy than honest elections.

Thank you.

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